Bag Lunch Ministry

WRPC’s Bag Lunch Ministry coordinates the collection of food items to make bag lunches that are given out during the week. Ministry volunteers take turns purchasing food, assembling, and handing out bag lunches. Many church members also contribute financially to the program for the purchase of food and supplies. The Feeding Ministry is currently providing 40-50 lunches per week to folks in need who come to the church door seeking help.  

How Can You Help?
We are always in need of lunch supplies. Each lunch contains an entree, such as Vienna sausages or Beenie Weenies, applesauce or fruit cup, granola bar, crackers and a juice box. Please drop them off at the church office or leave them in the mailroom. Monetary donations are always welcome. Volunteers are needed to help hand out lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:30 to 12:30.  You can contact the church office to sign up at (919) 828-5468.

Global Missions

West Raleigh Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church – USA. Together, we respond to Christ’s command to go into all the world to preach the gospel, to feed the hungry, and to heal the sick.

Our Missionaries
Since the late 1950’s we have provided partial salary/program support and regular prayer support for the following missionaries:  

  • Dan and Elizabeth Turk - Serving in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), Dan and Elizabeth Turk work to improve the lives of the Malagasy people. Elizabeth trains village health workers, helps communities develop safe drinking water sources, and educates church leaders and youth about HIV and AIDS prevention. Dan has helped the FJKM develop an extensive fruit tree program that greatly improves food security and nutrition in a country where poverty indices are plummeting. Training in fruit tree propagation and agriculture is provided to all FJKM pastors so that they can provide communities with the resources to address serious country-wide malnutrition. Dan also works in environmental education, helping people live in harmony with God’s creation. Currently there is a focus on the needs of people in southern Madagascar due to drought and famine. Madagascar Mission Network website.
  • Frank and Nancy Dimmock - For more than thirty years Frank served the church in Africa as a PC(USA) mission co-worker, focusing on ministries of health and development. From 2013-2016 Frank worked with Presbyterian World Mission as the global poverty alleviation catalyst. A September 18, 2021 update described his efforts in Sudan "Rebuilding Hope in South Sudan." Here is Frank's website where he provides updates.

Special Offerings  
Our arms reach around the world as we promote and support four church-wide offerings. WRPC contributes generously to the following:

  • One Great Hour of Sharing Easter Offering - We share God’s love with people experiencing need. Our gifts support ministries of disaster response, refugee assistance and resettlement, and community development that help people find safe refuge, start new lives, and work together to strengthen their families and communities.
  • Pennies for Hunger - Jesus said, “You give them something to eat.” During the season before Thanksgiving, West Raleigh invites every member of all ages to contribute a few cents at every meal. This simple act is an expression of thanks for what we have received. When members bring their offerings to church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, all of those coins "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" as they are received and dedicated during the Time for Young Christians.
  • Peacemaking Offering - "And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations" (Revelation 22:2). This year’s Peacemaking Offering theme imagines an image of a world at peace with enough for everyone to eat and the "medicine” to heal all the wounds and illnesses of humankind. We live in the hope of that vision of peace and well-being expressed so vividly in the tree of life. The Peacemaking Offering is a tool of our efforts to live and work within that hope. This year 25% of WRPC's portion of the peacemaking offering went to support Hustead House. Hustead House is a family care home that is part of the Alliance of AIDS Services in North Carolina. You are invited to join WRPC and the Presbyterian denomination to be a part of the work for peace in our world.

Hearts with Haiti

HWH Lean Logo

Hearts with Haiti is a non-profit organization which supports the mission of St. Joseph’s Family in Haiti through Nurture, Advocacy, Fundraising, Administration, and Leadership Development.  Hearts with Haiti has an office at WRPC on the second floor. With the help of Hearts with Haiti, WRPC hopes to deepen its relationship with the St. Joseph’s Family. 

How Can I Help?  One of the very best things you can do is sponsor a child. 

Loaves and Fishes

loaves-and-fishes-ministry-incLoaves and Fishes is a non-profit organization in Raleigh which intervenes in the lives of K-12 Youth who are At-Risk and provides out-of-school programming. LAF collaborates with school system and students’ parents to help students to succeed.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of activities: Weekly, Monthly, Occasionally

Weekly: to assist trained Facilitator one afternoon a week of your choice and with your chosen age group in homework help, life skills activities, and recreation. Or if you have a special talent, we can work that into our program at your convenience.

Monthly: 1) volunteers needed for setup, meal prep, and serve, or 2) volunteers for kids activities. Family is 2nd Thursday of each month.

Occasionally: provide meals for a Family Night, serve on a board committee, donate healthy snacks for students, IT assistance

WRPC contact to this organization is Barbara Cain:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LAF contact info:  919-231-4687, Website:

Meals on Wheels

gt-meals-on-wheels-of-wake-countySince 1974, Meals on Wheels of Wake County has been providing nutritious meals to the homebound elderly and persons with disabilities in Wake County in an effort to improve health, reduce isolation, and prevent inappropriate institutionalization. Serving close to 1,300 meals daily to homes and nutrition centers, Meals on Wheels provides the frailest of our community’s citizens with a voice to achieve healthful independence.

West Raleigh Presbyterian Church has taken part in Meals on Wheels for over 25 years. On the fourth Wednesday of every month, nine teams of two people deliver meals to clients. When regular team members need replacements, a list of substitutes is available.  Consider joining our dedicated Meals on Wheels team!

Stewardship of Space

WRPC makes good use of its space by welcoming a number of community organizations throughout the week. Usually a member of the congregation is linked to the group. At this time, we are pleased to host the NC Council of Churches offices and Hearts with Haiti. 

Warmth for Wake

imagesWarmth for Wake/Coalition is a program of volunteers from local churches and civic organizations who deliver firewood to needy families in Wake County every other Saturday morning from October through March. The program is coordinated by St. Paul’s Christian Church, who started the program more than 30 years ago. Originally bags of coal were delivered, hence the name “Coalition.” Volunteers from assigned churches meet at the Raleigh Yard Waste Facility on New Hope Road at 8:30 am on their designated Saturday. Work is usually completed by noon. WRPC is generally assigned one Saturday a year in January or February.

How Can You Help?
Volunteers are needed to operate chain saws and hydraulic splitters, load firewood into trucks, and deliver wood. Trucks and chain saws are supplied by volunteers. The splitters are supplied by COALITION. There are also opportunities for people who would like to be involved for more than one Saturday a year. This would include such things as maintaining equipment, and would be coordinated with St Paul’s Christian Church.


wheels4hope logoOur mission is to help provide affordable, reliable transportation to low-wage earners in our community. We began our business serving those in the Triangle area of North Carolina; our home office is located in Raleigh. Wheels4Hope began as a mission group at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church and is a faith-based non-profit corporation and a fully qualified 501(c)(3) charity.

We are limited by our current level of donations and by the number of volunteers we have repairing cars. We place our program cars through referrals made by our partner agencies in Wake County (they include StepUP Ministry, Passage Home, Interact, and Raleigh Rescue Mission - go to our website for a complete listing).

You can help by donating your used vehicle, volunteering and spreading the word. For more information, please go to, or call 919-832-1941.

Family Promise (formerly WIHN)

familypromiseThree to four times during the year WRPC serves as a host congregation for up to five families participating in Family Promise. Family Promise seeks to alleviate homelessness by helping low-income families achieve and sustain independence.

In support of this mission WRPC, along with over 30 other Wake County churches, has committed the hearts and hands of our members and the use of our facilities to provide a safe and dignified refuge for Family Promise’s families. During each of the host weeks, we pick families up each afternoon at a Day Center on Method Road and bring them to our church, where we provide an evening meal, hospitality and a place to stay for the night. The student lounge becomes our living room/den area for the week and Sunday School rooms are transformed into sleeping rooms. After a breakfast in the morning, we take the families back to the Day Center where they go on to work or job search, and school.

How Can You Help?
There are many ways for volunteers of all ages to get involved. Individuals and families can help with setup and takedown, evening or overnight hospitality, and providing food. Adults can provide  transportation or follow up with doing laundry at home.   

To learn more about the Family Promise program, or if you are interested in helping, please contact Bob Grant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.