"Did You Know?"

How many times over the past two years have those of us who are white read books and articles by Black people, listened to podcasts hosted by People of Color, read poems, viewed art, or other exhibits showing their talents and said, “I didn’t know!” or “I wasn’t taught that in school.”? There are so many things we don’t know about our sisters and brothers of color and their American experience, it is clear our journey is one of lifelong learning. The Dismantling Racism Task Force wants to help you to be “in the know.”

Did You Know Socials

In celebration of Black History Month, we are pleased to introduce the launching of a new segment in our E-newsletter, and on Facebook, and Instagram called “Did You Know?”

We want to encourage learning about the culture and talents of communities of color within our city and the world around us. We hope to celebrate the joys of their culture, past, present and future, and to hear their concerns as we reach out into the world beyond ourselves to unite as one people of God.

We eagerly look to share with you little known topics and thought provoking facts that you may not have heard about. So in your conversations be sure to ask......”Did You Know?”

-LaMae Fields, Co-Chair, on behalf of the Dismantling Racism Task Force


Did You Know

Remembering Alfred Stokes

Remembering George E. Davis

Remembering Dorothy Counts

Remembering Eva Clayton

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