March Mission & Crane Removal Madness

Saturday is going to be a big day at West Raleigh. First, there is MARCH MISSION MADDNES. Around seventy people are expected to participate in this day of service. It all starts with a light breakfast and commissioning prayer at 9am; then we fan out all over the city, some staying to work in the BeeLoved Community Garden and clean the church nursery or spend the morning in prayer, while others work at Habitat for Humanity, A Place at the Table, Family Promise, and hopefully (City of Raleigh permits willing), help Davie Street Presbyterian Church move back into their building. Then, after a morning of service, we will gather back at West Raleigh for lunch (Spoiler Alert: Johnny Flowe is cooking up pulled pork tacos with fancy slaw for lunch!). This is a morning for everyone – young and old, of all manner and variety of ability – to pray, to serve and to be nourished by the knowledge that we can do so much more together than any of us can do on our own. Sign up here.

But, friends, keep reading because that is not all that is happening on Saturday. After years of patient waiting and persistent prodding, the tower crane that has been swinging over the block, unused for more than three years will be dismantled and trucked away this weekend. The process will begin on Friday with the arrival of technicians who will inspect and prepare the crane for removal; then on Saturday, an assist crane will arrive on Hillsborough Street to dismantle the tower crane piece-by-piece. Businesses on Hillsborough Street, from the corner of Horne to Target will be closed as will one lane of traffic; and there will not be street parking around much of the block so that the many trucks can turn the corners as they haul away the crane. All of the work will take place over the businesses between the alley and Hillsborough Street, and technicians from Morrow Crane and the company they have contracted for this crane’s removal have assured West Raleigh that there is no need to change our plans on Saturday or Sunday. Fairmont United Methodist has also offered use of their parking lot on Saturday (as long as we are out by 1pm). So, we are all set, for a day of March Mission and Crane Removal Madness. You definitely, don’t want to miss it. I will see you there!

Keep the faith,


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