We Choose Welcome

This past Saturday 30-40 of us gathered together in a still unfurnished living room in the Crosstowne neighborhood of southeast Raleigh. Some of us were Presbyterian, some Methodist, others Catholic, Baptist, or non-denominational, some Muslim. Some of us were native North Carolinians and spoke fluent Southern. Others were from Morocco and struggled with English. We were all there because we believe, in Katherine's words, that "building the beloved community is not a metaphor. It takes shape in neighborhoods and communities and around kitchen tables."

As we gathered to dedicate the recently finished Presbyterian home, Methodist home (fittingly right next door to the Presbyterian one!) and Apostles Build home, we were reminded by Fiaz Fareed from the Islamic Association of Raleigh that, whatever our faith, God calls us to be a good neighbor. To answer the question "Why We Build", Katherine said that welcoming immigrants into the community has always been the work of the church, but that each generation has to figure out how to live into that call in their own place and time. For WRPC in 2018/19, one of the ways we choose welcome is with hammers and dollars and lasagnas.

Ali and Rkia and their 14-year-old daughter, Nora, thank you for choosing to welcome them into their first house. Nora is thrilled to have a room she can decorate however she wants!

Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, talent, treasure and prayers to make this home a reality. And thanks be to God.

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