This is a Holy Moment

Dear members & friends of West Raleigh,

After years of dreaming, planning, pouring over plans & getting up the nerve to do it; and with deepest gratitude to Ezra & Dorothy Howell, Frank Weedon and Marjorie Foil as well as a long list of Memorial gifts to West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, we will finally dedicate the Columbarium, restored courtyard and stained glass windows this coming Sunday, November 4th. This is a holy moment in the life of the church for so many reasons.

First, it is the Sunday we will remember the Saints of the church who have entered the Church Triumphant in the last year, and this year’s list is long, much longer than usual. As is their habit, the choir has prepared special music as an offering of remembrance, connection and hope. Around the Communion Table, we will read aloud the name of each member of the congregation who has died in the last year, leaving space for all those gathered to speak the names of the saints who have shaped their life and faith.

This is also the Sunday we have chosen to dedicate the Columbarium, the sacred ground that will become the dwelling place for the cremains of the saints of the church. Soon, Sam Johnson and Jack Cover will be interred in the Columbarium, and the ashes of Wilma Hu will be scattered in the Memorial Garden with those of Mary & Bert Garcia. This is a holy moment in the life of the church when we will remember that all life comes from God and to God all life will return; and, if God is our past and our future then surely we can trust God with our present - sometimes the hardest trust-fall of all.

On Sunday, we will gather in the courtyard beginning at 10:00am. You are invited to bring a white flower or flowers to add to bouquets to remember the saints who have been central in your life. There will be bagpipers and drums to welcome you. At 10:40am we will begin the dedication before processing into worship at 11am, where Rev. Dr. James Moorhead will lead us in worship. After worship we will have lunch together in the fellowship hall. Inside and outside, around the Communion Table and the lunch tables, this Sunday the Body of Christ will gather to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel – there is nothing in life or in death that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Thanks be to God!

See you in church,

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