Sacred Threads Reflections: St. Gabriel

Written by Martie Leming

A QUILT is defined as a sandwich of three layers of fabric, the backing fabric, the fiber batting in the middle, and the top fabric all held together with some stitching.  That's it.  It may be as simple as two pieces of muslin and some cotton fluff stitched together by candlelight with a running stitch of handmade thread all in an effort to keep the family warm. Or a quilt can be a magnificent work of art expressing many complex thoughts and emotions.  That is what we see in the Sacred Threads exhibit now showing in our Voice of the Spirit gallery and scattered around the church.   

One of the quilts that has drawn me in is named St Gabriel, a quilt made by Judy Momenzadeh, to remember the oldest wooden church building on the Mississippi River and the oldest continuing church community in the Mississippi Valley.


The artist printed a photograph of the church onto fabric and surrounded that with a variety of fabric and old lace as a testament to this church's long history.  The exquisite machine quilting highlights the cypress siding and architecture of the church and shows us the living spirit of this congregation.  We see the stone path at the bottom, the flowering vine growing along the left side and the ancient towering tree on the right "painted" on the fabric with only the sewing machine and thread.

This artist wants us to see and feel the freedom, the tenacity, and the spirituality embodied in this long-standing church building and this church community.

I urge you to spend some time with each of these quilts before they move on to another church next week.  Look for the messages within each image.  Look at the choices of fabric, the colors and the stitching that each artist used to convey their thoughts.

Now we see that a quilt can be defined as layers of fabric and layers of design choices, all sewed together with many thoughts, emotions, and prayers.

Reminder: The quilts will be here through Thursday, February 22nd. We encourage you to bring friends to see them during the week between 8:30 and 3:00 p.m. or on Sundays during church hours. It’s a great way to invite someone new to visit our church.

If you want to schedule a group, please call Shelley so she can arrange for a member of the Art Ministry to give them a brief tour.

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