Shackathon: PCM Builds in the Brickyard so that Habitat Can Build a Home

Written by Emily Beaver, PCM Leadership Team, Sophomore at NC State

It is Shackathon time! Every year NC State hosts a week long benefit for Habitat for Humanity, where college students come together and build shacks that they stay in 24/7 ALL WEEK! Presbyterian Campus Ministry joins forces to help build, man, and fundraise for the Unity Shack. The Unity Shack is an interfaith shack that is a joint effort between Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal, and Better Together. Better Together is an interfaith group at NC State that brings together students of all faith, and works to promote equality and understanding of all different religions.


During the week of September 18th-22nd, the Unity Shack will be in full swing! We will host fundraisers, games, and activities at the shack to raise money for Habitat for Humanity! Students will be living and sleeping in the shack all week, so feel free so come down to the brickyard for a visit! Last year out of the 20 Shacks, the Unity Shack placed 5th! The collective goal for Shackathon is to raise $65,000 which would fully fund one habitat house. The houses funded by Shackathon could be a Presbyterian Build House in Wake County! Our goal at the Unity Shack is to raise $3,000 the week of Shackathon, but the fundraising does not stop there. We have one week after the event to raise any additional funds through our website! The top 4 fundraising teams receive building supplies and a prime location for their shack the following year. We were so close last year and we need your help! As always, we appreciate the love and support you all pour into us!

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