One thing Leads to Another

One thing always leads to another, and it usually starts with “wouldn’t it be cool if…?” In this case, my son Sam started it off while watching the summer show by Paperhand Puppet Intervention. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had Paperhand puppets for our nativity play?” Before you knew it a grant was written, puppets were made and I was on the Arts Ministry leadership team. While planning the exhibits for 2017 we decided on an interfaith theme and I agreed to help lead the exhibit. In the process I met an amazing young oud player named Abdulilah who played at the exhibit opening. I became involved with the amazing team supporting the Aboods, a Syrian family in Raleigh who continues to struggle with a new culture, new language and new rules. And best of all I found a friend in Samia Touati, a woman of endless energy and ideas. All of these things continue to lead to others, most recently, a jam session on my porch with Abdulilah, his friend Mohammed, Samia’s daughters and our own Tommy Goldsmith. The blending of cultures and music was pure joy. My son Sam said “this is one of the best nights of my life”.


Of course, this one thing has led to yet another and I hope you will join us! On the morning of Saturday, May 20, WRPC along with the Arabic Heritage School (run by my friend Samia) will host an International Interfaith Food Fair. Refugee families like the Aboods will provide containers of their native foods for purchase and sampling. We also invite WRPC chefs and bakers to contribute breakfast foods to sell for immediate consumption. While there, enjoy music by Tommy, Abdulilah, Mohammed and others, along with games for kids and grown ups alike. All proceeds will be divided among the participating refugee families. Mark your calendar and show up. Who knows where this one thing will lead you?

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