Critical Care

Dear Members & Friends of West Raleigh,

Since last Thursday we pivoted from being a church that depends on gathering, in-person and as a Body to a virtual reality for worship, Sunday School, gatherings and meetings. Instead of being full of people, the Sanctuary is full of cameras and chords. Instead of the monthly Deacons meeting, the Session and Diaconate held a joint meeting by Zoom on Tuesday night. The only people in the church this week have been staff and 2-3 volunteers keeping the feeding ministry going. It has been a strange and surreal kind of week as we find our way forward, but we are doing it.

Critical CareWe have reshaped the newsletter to reflect three of our core values: Worship, Service & Connection. Below you will find information on the ongoing worship life of the church as well as ways to serve and connect. This format may continue to change as the priorities and needs of the church change, but what will not change or be canceled is our identity as the Body of Christ and our commitment to living faithfully in changing time.

I also want to introduce you to the Critical Care Team. Realizing how fast circumstances are changing, the Session, in concert with the Diaconate, appointed the Critical Care Team with the following mandate:

The Critical Care Team will meet (virtually) weekly to monitor the situation, recommendations and restrictions coming from local, state and the federal government and ensure the church is responding appropriately. The CC team will also serve as weekly check-in for church life and needs, including, but not limited to worship, service and congregational care. The CC Team will send weekly meeting notes and recommendations to the Session and Diaconate and communicate as needed to the Congregation through the Thursday enews.

Current members of the Critical Care Team are Sarah McCracken Cobb (Elder), Kathy Huffstetler (Clerk of Session), Susan Baker, Mary Ann Blum, Liz Danielian, Janet Pecci, Wes Snyder and Scott Woodall. They met yesterday and will continue to meet each Wednesday until the situation changes. You will see the marks of their work and the work of others spread out in this newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to them directly with questions or concerns. Please reach out to me with questions or concerns. Please reach out.

You are love and beloved. You are connected for we are the Body of Christ.

Peace & prayers,


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