Time to Rally!

This Sunday, September 8th is Rally Day – that means that all of West Raleigh’s Christian Formation (traditionally called education) small groups (traditionally called classes) will swing into full gear. There is much that you will recognize about Sunday mornings – Worship at 11am and small groups or classes starting at 9:45am, and yet, there have been some significant and exciting changes.

For the adults, there are two new offerings. Along with the Hassis Contemporary Christianity, Family Faith, Joel Moody + Alice Broom and Christian Spirituality classes, there will be a Sunday Bible Series taught by a some of West Raleigh’s most knowledgeable and faithful students of the Bible and a dedicated Young Adult Sunday Small Group! For the children and youth, Sunday morning starts with PraiseMakers at 9:45am on the second floor! Bruce Fawcett is teaming up with Piper Baucom, Judy Colby, Neil McCormick, John Dellinger and Alec Peters to infuse the morning with soul-filling music. There are also three mid-week study opportunities and at least one all-church, intergenerational Sunday morning gathering each month – please scroll down for more information about each of these offerings and take some time to discern where you fit in, and then commit…

…which leads me to the theme for this Sunday. September is the season of commitment. Every organization and game in town is gearing up and kicking off after a summer break. Sports clubs, music groups, book studies and fellowship groups are all asking for commitment. It can be an energized and exciting season with new possibilities and experiences, and it can be an overwhelming season with charged expectations that feels more like pressure than possibility. It is into this season of competition for commitment that Jesus calls his disciples to weigh the cost of each of their commitments and to follow him. This Sunday in worship, we will explore the cost of discipleship for heroes of the faith like the German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and what that cost of discipleship might look like for us.

I hope you will join us for this conversation beginning at 9:45am, then in Worship at 11am.

See you in church,

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