Welcome Class of 2022

Called together and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the church gathers to tell, in word and song, through the rhythms of the seasons and of life, the story of God’s redeeming love made known in Jesus. At the font and table, Jesus’s story of death and resurrection becomes the story of our death and resurrection, and his life becomes our life.  The church is sent from font and table to sit among neighbors, to hear their stories and to share ours so that the kingdom of God, which is both now and not yet, may be known in the world. – Alec Peters, Elder, Class of 2022


I believe in the communion of saints (and sinners) in the church, a place where God’s broken people worship and where faith may sit comfortably alongside doubts and fears. Church is the essential place for people of faith who, practicing together, can be emboldened to go further and do more as Christians than we would ever do on our own. – Renee Elder, Deacon, Class of 2022


Aren’t these beautiful descriptions of what it means to be church! These two quotes, one from incoming Elder, Alec Peters and the other from incoming Deacon, Renee Elder, are just a sampling of the carefully crafted and faithfully offered Statements of Faith that incoming officers wrote as a part of Officer Formation. Each year, after having been elected by the congregation the incoming classes of officers enter what the Presbyterian Book of Order calls a period of study and preparation, after which the session shall examine them (G-2.0402). In three sessions, the group studies the Book of Order and the Confessions; the history of West Raleigh; and the current financial structure and outlook. They are trained in the technology that keeps the church ticking; briefed on how the leadership is intentional about welcoming visitors on Sunday mornings as well as the security and safety protocols; and they learn about all the ways that West Raleigh commits to caring for creation. We try to feed them well and laugh often!

It is an important time of information sharing and leadership team development. Having completed this period of study and preparation and having been examined by the Session, the Class of 2022 will be ordained and installed in worship this Sunday. The incoming elders and deacons will join the boards at their June meetings before their term officially starts in July. During this time, we will thank those whose terms are ending, celebrating the gift of their service and giving them an opportunity to share their wisdom with the incoming classes. It is a season of transition as we thank God for the work accomplished in the past year and prepare for the work to be done in the coming year. Through it all, I remain grateful for the commitment and grace-filled leadership of elders and deacons at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church. May our service continue to bring glory to God!

In Christ's service,

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