Theology on Tap

Our first 2021 Theology on Tap, guided by Drew Rick-Miller, will focus on what science can contribute to our discussion of race in the church. Over three meetings, we will use articles and videos to look at race and biology, the history of scientific racism, psychological research on race, implicit bias, and health disparities and race. 


Download the reading list here or read more below. 


January 13:

Discussion themes:

  1. The Biological Basis for Race
  2. The History of Scientific Racism

Primary Reading/Watching:

Joseph Graves - Race & Biology on Vimeo (Video, 8 minutes)

Harvard's eugenics era | Harvard Magazine


Extra Reading/Watching:

Humans and Race - AAAS - DoSER ( (Video, 3 minutes - we will watch together)

The Biology of Skin Color ( (Video, 18 minutes)

Race Is a Social Construct, Scientists Argue - Scientific American (article)

Eugenics - HISTORY (article)

'Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement' | H-Indiana | H-Net ( (book summary)

Racism and the Public's Perception of Evolution | National Center for Science Education ( (article)


January 27:

Discussion Themes:

  1. The Psychological Study of Race
  2. Implicit Bias and Race

Primary Reading/Watching:

Some Science Behind Sin - Science for the Church (article)

Jennifer L. Eberhardt: How racial bias works -- and how to disrupt it | TED Talk (video, 14 minutes)


Extra Reading/Watching:

The Bias Inside: A Conversation With Psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt - Behavioral Scientist (article)

Biased by Jennifer L. Eberhardt, PhD: 9780735224957 | (book)

Making people aware of their implicit biases doesn’t usually change minds. But here’s what does work | PBS NewsHour (article)

How to Stop the Racist in You ( (article)

How Challenging Stereotypes Can Save Black Lives ( (article)


February 10:

Discussion Themes:

  1. Health Disparities and race
  2. (Possible) Guest Conversation Partner, Public Health Researcher studying gender and race disparities

Primary Reading/Watching: (article)

Discussion with guest or Dorothy Roberts: The problem with race-based medicine | TED Talk (video, 14 minutes)


Extra Reading/Watching:

George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery deaths: Racism causes life-threatening conditions for black men every day ( (article)

David R. Williams: How racism makes us sick | TED Talk (video, 17 minutes)

Growing up in poverty weakens later health – even if you escape it ( (article)

Effects of poverty, hunger and homelessness on children and youth ( (article)

The legacy of trauma ( (article)