WRPCLogoColoriconIn 1992, a contest was held for members to design a church logo.  The winning entry was designed by Alec Peters.  He describes his design as follows:

The WRPC logo is intended to be a visual representation of the church's mission statement:  "A community of God’s people, nurtured in the love of Jesus Christ, supporting each other and reaching out to the campus, city, and world beyond."  

The overall design is defined by a mandorla—an almond-shaped intersection of two circles used since early Christian times to symbolize holiness and relationship between God and humanity.  This shape is prominent in the windows of our sanctuary, the primary place where our community is formed and nurtured.  It is also echoed in the arches found throughout the sanctuary as well as in some sets of WRPC's paraments. 

Centered in the mandorla is a cross, the supreme symbol of Christ’s love.  The shafts of the cross are lashed together, recalling the ties that bind us and the love and support we provide one another.  The cross extends outside the mandorla, reminding us that our mission must reach beyond our own community.

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